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Technologies.High Power, High Rate! The Red Flash High Rate battery offers high power output for high demand applications. All their power is squeezed into a smaller than standard case, giving the same if not more power then larger batteries.The latest AGM technology ensures the highest rate of current flow and protects against vibration. The versatile Red Flash Battery range can be mounted on their side or upright, giving a few more options if the fitting space is tight
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Red Flash 1000 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsCapacity26 AhCCA650 ALengt..

259.25€ Ex Tax: 212.50€

Red Flash 1100 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsCapacity (C20)37 AhCCA (EN..

289.75€ Ex Tax: 237.50€

Red Flash 1200 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsCapacity44 AhCCA940 ALengt..

290.36€ Ex Tax: 238.00€

Red Flash 1800 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsTechnologyAGMCapacity52 Ah..

305.00€ Ex Tax: 250.00€

Red Flash 3500 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsCapacity70 AhCCA1380 ALeng..

392.84€ Ex Tax: 322.00€

Red Flash 750 Battery

BrandRed FlashVoltage12 VoltsCapacity (C20)26 AhCCA (EN..

216.55€ Ex Tax: 177.50€
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