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Exide Technologies operates in more than 80 countries, offering products and services to meet energy storage needs in the Transportation and Industrial sectors. With more than 120 years experience in the battery business, Exide has the experience, research and development capabilities and knowledge to provide solutions to various energy storage needs.

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EM1000 Exide Maxxima AGM Battery MAX900

BrandExideVoltage12 VoltsTechnologyAGMCapacity (C20)50 ..

219.60€ Ex Tax: 180.00€

Exide 027 AGM Car Battery 60Ah EK600

BrandExideRangeExide Start-Stop AGMVoltage12 VoltsTechn..

176.90€ Ex Tax: 145.00€

Exide 096 AGM Car Battery 70Ah AGM700 EK700

BrandExideRangeExide Micro-HybridVoltage12 VoltsTechnol..

191.54€ Ex Tax: 157.00€

Exide 110 AGM Car Battery 80Ah AGM800 EK800

BrandExideRangeExide Micro-HybridVoltage12 VoltsTechnol..

231.80€ Ex Tax: 190.00€

Exide EK508 AGM Car Battery 50Ah

BrandExideRangeExide Start-Stop AGMVoltage12 VoltsTechn..

233.02€ Ex Tax: 191.00€

Exide EP450 DUAL AGM Battery (Maxxima MAX900DC)

BrandExideRangeExide DualVoltage12 VoltsTechnologyAGMCa..

244.00€ Ex Tax: 200.00€
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