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In the Track-Frame Shop you can find the most famous brands for car batteries. Optima, WestCo, Exide, Bosch, Panasonic, Aliant, Odyssey and much more.

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12V31M Westco MX-5 MX5 Car Battery 12V (To Replace Panasonic) S46A24L

The Westco Miata battery utilizes absorbed glass mat te..

179.95€ Ex Tax: 147.50€

Battery Aliant X2 240A 13,2V 8Ah 0,88kg


242.78€ Ex Tax: 199.00€

DS46B24R Toyota Prius Optima Battery 12V Yellow Top

BrandOptimaProduct CodeDS46B24RRangeOptima Yellow TopVo..

201.30€ Ex Tax: 165.00€

EM1000 Exide Maxxima AGM Battery MAX900

BrandExideVoltage12 VoltsTechnologyAGMCapacity (C20)50 ..

219.60€ Ex Tax: 180.00€

Exide 027 AGM Car Battery 60Ah EK600

BrandExideRangeExide Start-Stop AGMVoltage12 VoltsTechn..

176.90€ Ex Tax: 145.00€

Exide 096 AGM Car Battery 70Ah AGM700 EK700

BrandExideRangeExide Micro-HybridVoltage12 VoltsTechnol..

191.54€ Ex Tax: 157.00€

Exide 110 AGM Car Battery 80Ah AGM800 EK800

BrandExideRangeExide Micro-HybridVoltage12 VoltsTechnol..

231.80€ Ex Tax: 190.00€

Exide EK508 AGM Car Battery 50Ah

BrandExideRangeExide Start-Stop AGMVoltage12 VoltsTechn..

233.02€ Ex Tax: 191.00€

Exide EP450 DUAL AGM Battery (Maxxima MAX900DC)

BrandExideRangeExide DualVoltage12 VoltsTechnologyAGMCa..

244.00€ Ex Tax: 200.00€

Optima Red Top Battery RTS 3.7 (8020-255) (BCI 25) RTS3.7 AGM

BrandOptimaRangeOptima Red TopVoltage12 VoltsTechnology..

231.80€ Ex Tax: 190.00€
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